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May 16, 2019
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May 17, 2019

The TOP of the most sick of corruption states

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This Morning AMLO again defined corruption as sickness


The TOP of the most sick of corruption states


During his morning press conference, the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador defined corruption as sickness and the one who have it, as sick people

From this statement and taking into consideration, the most recent statistics from the INEGI, on matter of corruption, here is a TOP of the sickest states of corruption. And, in consequence the governments that would have authentic epidemic of this new endemic sickness.

According to the last report, that in matter of corruption the INEGI published last year, and which is the most recent one. There can be distinguished two types of corruption. The first one is the one that the population has when it is in contact with a governmental organizations or public servants. And the second one is the one that the enterprises, defined by INEGI as economic units, have.

This way, the TOP-10 of the sickest states, when the victims of corruption acts are their habitants (meaning that with the higher percentages on habitants who were victims of acts of corruption in relation to the number of all the population) are:

1.- CDMX (20.1%)

2.- Quintana Roo (17.6%)

3.- Morelos (17.2%)

4.- San Luis Potosí (16.7%)

5.- Chiapas (16.2)

6.-EDOMEX (15.9%)

7.-Chihuahua (15.6%)

8.- Sonora (15.2%)

9.- Michoacán (14.8%)

10.- Tabasco (14.7%)

The TOP 2 is integrated by the ten federative organizations when a high percentage of the economic units –businesses or enterprises- which have been assaulted officially by the corruption.

1.- CDMEX (11.2%

2.- EDOMEX (9.9%)

3.- Morelos (8.3%)

4.- Quintana Roo (7.5%)

5.- Tlaxcala (6.6%)

6.- Oaxaca (6.1%)

7.- Michoacán (5.6%)

8.- Hidalgo (5.5%)

9.- Sonora (5.2%)

10.- Baja California Sur (5.1%)


Translator: Vanessa Gutiérrez


By: Mary Delgado


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