July 29, 2019
Ecatepec will carry out a pilot test for the installation of Seismic Alert
July 29, 2019

Work at uberEATS at your own risk

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In rain or at night, fighting traffic, by motorcycle or bike, Uber take your cravings to your door


Work at uberEATS at your own risk

July 27th, 2019

Perhaps you have seen them stationed in the Alameda with their bikes checking their phones waiting for a service; or zigzagging in the middle of the traffic on their motorbikes with their huge green backpacks running back against time or lining up outside a pizzeria or cafeteria. They are the ubearEAT boys and girls and these are their stories.

UberEAT is a platform that delivers food from our favorite restaurant or food business to the comfort of our home. This by means of distributors who use the motorcycle or bicycle as transport.

In the day-to-day workers of this application live unique experiences, some pleasant and others not so much, "occupational hazard", as distributors of one of the most famous food delivery applications in our country and the world.

Yuset 23 years old, originally from Veracruz and who only studied school, has been working at uberEATS for eight months, but argued that there are more disadvantages than advantages of belonging to the community of distributors of this application, because the company prefers to keep “diners” happy in most cases than the workers who make this business possible.

Another recurring situation, according to Yuset, is that in order not to pay for the service or food, customers cancel the service just before arriving at their destination, which in turn is a payment that is deducted from workers.

"On many occasions, the customer cancels the order even if it has already been delivered, in order not to pay for the food."

But not everything is so bad, because Yuset also finds some positive aspects of working at uberEAT.

Because uberEATS is not just a job for men ...

In an interview with Lorena “N” 23 years old, resident of Santa Ana Tlapaltitlán and Administrator by profession, said that the main reason she works at uberEATS, is because she manages her time, in such a way that allows her to be with his three children.

In addition to the earnings she generates, she determines: "depending on what you work, it is what you earn," he said.

Lorena has been working at uberEATS for six months, which has allowed her to take two things she considers important, caring for her children, and another of her passions knowing new places and traveling.


Translator: Martín Caballero

By: Víctor Jiménez

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